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Witte Molen Country Budgie Seed Mix - 600g
Witte Molen Country Budgie Seed Mix - 600g

Witte Molen Country Budgie Seed Mix - 600g

Witte Molen
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This Country seed mix for budgerigars is a return to simpler times. A good, balanced and fairly-priced food with added vitamins and minerals from Brabant-based Witte Molen, which has been in business since 1740. We use only the best raw materials and this - combined with our expert knowledge of different animals - ensures that we produce pet food you can really count on. Witte Molen quality: yesterday, today and tomorrow!

  • Complete feed
  • With added vitamins and minerals
  • Good, balanced feed for extra vitality
  • With delicious, high quality seeds tailored to each budgie's needs
  • Witte Molen quality for a fair price

A budgie needs about 10-15 grams of food per day, depending on life stage and health status. Make sure the animals eat all ingredients. Always give unlimited access to fresh water. Store in a cool and dark place.

Seeds, cereals, bakery products, minerals, fruit, oils and fats, vegetables, yeast
  • Crude protein 12,1 %
  • Crude fat 5,4 %
  • Crude fibre 7,8 %
  • Crude ash 3,9 %
  • Calcium 0,4 %
  • Phosphorus 0,2 %
  • Sodium 0,2 %
  • 3a672a Vitamin A 2000 I.U.
  • 3a671 Vitamin D3 200 I.U.
  • 3a700 Vitamin E 5,6 mg
  • 3b103 Iron 3 mg
  • 3b202 Jodium 0,04 mg
  • 3b405 Copper 0,6 mg
  • 3b502 Manganese 1,2 mg
  • 3b603 Zinc 3 mg
  • 3b801 Selenium 0,01 mg
  • Contains EC permitted colourants