Tripett Green Beef Tripe w/ Venison for Dogs 13.2oz

Tripett Green Beef Tripe w/ Venison for Dogs 13.2oz

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Tripett® Green Beef Tripe & Venison is a grain-free product consisting of nearly 100% pure meat and tripe (green beef tripe, venison).  Good for all breeds and all sizes. Venison is high in protein, but low in calories and cholesterol. This product is great for someone looking for all the incredible benefits of green tripe with a diversified protein source.



Green Beef Tripe, Venison, Water, Guar Gum


Ingredient Amount MIN/MAX
Crude Protein 10.0% MIN
Crude Fat 5.0% MIN
Crude Fiber 0.3% MAX
Moisture 79.9% MAX
Ash 1.0% MAX
Omega-6 0.17% MIN
Omega-3 0.15% MIN
Sodium 119 mg/100 gm MIN
Phosphorus 179 mg/100 gm MIN
Calcium 224 mg/100 gm MIN



Body Weight lbs Portion Size
01 to 15 lbs 1/5 to 1-1/3
15 to 30 lbs 1/4 to 1-2/3
30 to 70 lbs 1/3 to 1
Over 70 lbs 1/2 to 2