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Seachem Prime - Rhino Edition (+30% BONUS) 325mL

Seachem Prime - Rhino Edition (+30% BONUS) 325mL

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Rhino poaching has become a serious issue, leaving some breeds extinct and others endangered in recent years, and is currently at a crisis level. Timing is critical for the preservation of these majestic animals.

As part of Seachem's ongoing environmental stewardship efforts, they have joined the battle to support the protection of these endangered animals. We are pleased to carry specially labeled editions of our top-selling water conditioner in a bonus size of 325 ml (30% more)! Seachem will donate a portion of the profits for every bottle sold to a Rhino Preservation in South Africa.

This version of the standard 250ml bottles has 30% MORE product in it! Each bottle contains a total of 325ml of Prime.

Nearly all pet aquatics companies manufacture a product that removes chlorine. None of those, however, can compare in quality, concentration, or effectiveness to Seachem’s flagship product: Prime®. Prime® is the complete and concentrated conditioner for both fresh and saltwater. Prime® removes chlorine, chloramine and detoxifies ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. It is non-acidic and will not impact pH. A further bonus for the reef hobbyist—Prime® will not over-activate skimmers.

Prime® is up to 5x more concentrated than competing products and is the second most concentrated dechlorinator on the market.

Prime® may be used during tank cycling to alleviate ammonia/nitrite toxicity. It contains a binder which renders ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate non-toxic, allowing the biofilter to more efficiently remove them. It will also detoxify any heavy metals found in the tap water at typical concentration levels. Use at start-up and whenever adding or replacing water.