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Hygrophila pinnatifida 'Red' (LOCAL)
Hygrophila pinnatifida 'Red' (LOCAL)

Hygrophila pinnatifida 'Red' (LOCAL)

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Hygrophila pinnatifida is a lovely and intriguing Indian stem plant. The leaves of this plant have a brown-green tone on top and a unique burgundy color beneath. Bottom stems may produce runners, which aid in the rapid development of new plants, while tops may be clipped to promote more compact growth. Under bright light and increased CO₂, red coloration intensifies. Once they’ve adapted to the tank environment, their growth is moderate to fast, and they may need to be trimmed frequently. 

The fern-like look of Hygrophila pinnatifida allows it to blend in nicely with mosses and wood. It must be trimmed on a regular basis to avoid shading the other plants in the area. On the underside of the leaf, this plant appears to be redder.  Because it does not require a substrate, it is frequently planted higher up on hard scape, providing us with a beautiful view of the underside of the leaves.

Common Name(s) Dwarf Hygrophila
Scientific Name Hygrophila Pinnatifida
Origin India
Ease of Growing Medium
Aquacape Midground
Height 5-8 inches
pH 6-7.5
Temperature 70-80ᵒF (21-27°C)
Growth Rate Moderate growth rate
Propagation Progation by cutting stems or lateral shoots.
Light Requirement Medium level (0.5 W/L) of light is recommended.
CO2 Requirement Medium level (6-14 mg/L) of CO2 is recommended.