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Catit Gold Fern Premium Air-Dried Cat Food - Chicken
Catit Gold Fern Premium Air-Dried Cat Food - Chicken

Catit Gold Fern Premium Air-Dried Cat Food - Chicken

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Discover the best New Zealand has to offer

Catit Gold Fern is made in New Zealand, a nation recognised worldwide for its high-quality foods. New Zealand’s farming industry doesn’t allow the use of growth hormones, dangerous pesticides, or GMOs, and their standards of animal welfare are some of the highest in the world. Gold Fern is made with ingredients of the highest quality and palatability.

Complete cat food, crafted in small batches

As loving cat parents, we want to provide our felines with the finest and most nutritious food. Discover Catit Gold Fern, our slowly air-dried cat food, which is crafted in small batches using New Zealand’s most exquisite ingredients. Gold Fern is complete, balanced and helps to maintain your cat’s health.

Feed less, give more™

Catit Gold Fern is a very nutrient-dense cat food, packed to the brim with goodness. Our ingredients are slowly air-dried, shrinking them down while preserving their natural proteins, vitamins and minerals. This means a cup of Gold Fern is generally much more nutritious than an equal amount of other kibble, so you can feed your cat less while giving them so much more!

NZ Green-lipped mussel: superfood for cats

Each Catit Gold Fern recipe includes New Zealand green-lipped mussel, a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, chondroitin, glucosamine and antioxidants, which promote your cat’s joint health and mobility. Whereas heat-treating the mussels would destroy their active properties, ours are gently air-dried to retain their benefits.

NO grains, corn, wheat, soy, cheap fillers or growth hormones

A cat’s natural diet doesn’t contain carbohydrates such as grains, soy, corn or potatoes. They have little nutritional value to cats, and as such, all Catit Gold Fern recipes steer clear of them. We also ban all cheap fillers, sugar, glycerin and growth hormones. Gold Fern is a pure and complete diet that does not compromise on quality.


  • Complete & sustainable nutrition

  • 95% meat and green-lipped mussel

  • 5% vitamins and minerals, fish oil, and natural flavours

  • Air-dried for high meat inclusion and nutrient preservation