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Campbell/Russian Dwarf Hamster (locally bred)

Campbell/Russian Dwarf Hamster (locally bred)

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Live Mammal Sales Policy: We at Menagerie care about our animals. Before we can send a small pet to its forever home, we require potential owners to have an over-the-phone conversation with one of our small animal experts. It's our responsibility to ensure that customers fully understand the required care, maintenance, diet, and habitat for each individual animal. We look forward to your call. 416-972-6488.

The Russian Dwarf Hamster (Phodopus campbelli), also known as the Campbell's Dwarf Hamster, is a small rodent species indigenous to central Asia.

These hamsters are extremely popular pets due to their little size and cute appearance. They are generally easy to keep and are suitable pets for children. 

The Russian Dwarf hamster stays small and round, generally staying ~2" in length. Their lifespan is 2-3 years in captivity. While the pictured hamster is the "standard" colouration for these animals, the Russian dwarf hamster can come in a variety of fur colours.

The minimum enclosure size recommended for one adult dwarf hamster is 24"x12"x12". Be sure to provide plenty of bedding (either paper-pulp or aspen shavings), as these critters love to dig. It is necessary to provide your dwarf hamster a wheel that is at least 6.5" across. Always ensure fresh water and food is available to these animals. The bedding should generally be replaced once a week.

While you may keep these hamsters together, ensure the hamsters are of the same sex to avoid unwanted babies. If keeping two hamsters together, ensure that they have access to two wheels, two food dishes, at least two hides, etc. If you are planning on keeping two Russian Dwarf hamsters together, you must have a spare cage, bin, or terrarium/aquarium in case they need to be separated.