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Bold by Nature Beef Tripe 3lb

Bold by Nature Beef Tripe 3lb

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Tripe is an amazing nutritional food for your pet, especially when served in its natural 'green' state. It will help with brain function, heart function, skin and coat quality, and, most importantly digestion!

Add on top of any meal for an extra boost of nutrition and flavour.

- Contains a high amount of omega fatty acids, including omega 3. Tripe serves as a great alternative to omega 3 options, such as fish oil.

- High in fibre because it contains grasses from the cow's diet.

- High in Vitamin B complex, which supports brain function, heart function, skin health, coat health and more.

- Contains many healthy probiotics, naturally occurring bacterium that aid in digestion.


  • Thaw and add as a topper to any meal. Tripe can be added to raw food or kibble as required.
  • A nutritious addition to your pet's meal, beef tripe contains natural probiotics, digestive enzymes and stimulates appetite.
  • Boost your pet's well-being and digestive system with our full-of-flavour meal-topper

16 x 3oz patties

Ingredients: 100% green beef tripe.