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Arcadia EarthPro ReVitaliseD3 100g Calcium with D3

Arcadia EarthPro ReVitaliseD3 100g Calcium with D3

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EarthPro by Arcadia Reptile; using the balances found in nature to provide highly Bioavailable, safe and effective feeding solutions for captive reptiles. Tried, Tested, Trusted.

EarthPro-RevitaliseD3 is the result of years of rigorous research and development and provides essential minerals and vitamins in a new and very effective way. By working with Specialist Vets, Zoos and Reptile care experts around the world we have developed a brand new ultra-fine powder that can be used to help top up levels of preformed vitamins A, D3 and E. EarthPro-ReVitaliseD3 provides the very best balance of natural Earth Minerals, Amino Acids, Full-Spectrum Carotenoids, B Vitamins and Bee Pollen, just as you would expect from an Arcadia Reptile EarthPro product.

EarthPro-ReVitaliseD3 has been developed to be safe and easy to use, decreasing the risks of over supplying vitamins A and D3 reported with some super potent historic powders. High levels of preformed vitamin potency are not required when using modern UV lighting and feeding a full and varied diet. ReVitaliseD3 has been formulated to mimic the levels of preformed A, D3 and E that are found within a small mammal. Most Reptiles are not obligate in their feeding groups, with many benefitting greatly from finding and consuming the odd vertebrate or egg. This is safe, natural and beneficial feeding, EarthPro-RevitaliseD3 seeks to replicate this.

EarthPro-ReVitaliseD3 incorporates all of the well-known benefits of EarthPro-A but with added Magnesium and low levels of preformed A, D3 and E. It can be used alongside EarthPro-A and EarthPro-CalciumProMg to provide lifelong nutritional excellence.

EarthPro-RevitaliseD3 includes both preformed Vitamin A and our potent Full-spectrum Carotenoid mix. This ‘double action’ will provide essential Vitamin A in both of the ways that it is found in the wild.

ReVitaliseD3 is made in the UK, is rich in naturally occurring Earth Minerals, Bee Pollen, Full-spectrum Carotenoids, Amino acids, Calcium and Magnesium. EarthPro-ReVitaliseD3 also contains the full spectrum of B vitamins and preformed A, D3 and E. EarthPro-ReVitaliseD3 offers fantastic live feeder adhesion, is quickly digestible and highly bioavailable.

Include EarthPro-ReVitaliseD3 into your regular feeding knowing that it is both safe and effective, a welcome evolution in captive Reptile care.

ReVitaliseD3 can be used within the EarthPro-Feeding Programme at either feed 8 or 16 for keepers with the correct UV and heat systems. EarthPro-ReVitaliseD3 can also be used with the help of a vet in the ‘MBD Recovery Programme’.

ReVitaliseD3 can also be used safely at every 2nd or 3rd feed for those that choose not to use or use low output UV systems. In this way, ReVitaliseD3 will help to maintain usable levels of these essential vitamins more frequently.

EarthPro-ReVitaliseD3 can be used with all species of Reptile and Amphibians. Lightly dust, do not thickly coat feeders. Use 1-2gm of powder for up to 100gm of livefood. Place well fed, hydrated and where required pre-warmed live feeders (Crickets and Locusts) in a bag with the power and shake lightly. Shake off excess powder before feeding to leave a light dusting. Take care with wet/damp plant/fruit/vegetable feeds as these can provide 100% of the dose per feed. 1g of powder over a large handful of plant foods is suggested. If larger qty feeds are required use EarthPro-A alongside ReVitaliseD3. Discard unused power per feed.


  • Safe and effective
  • Mimics wild feeding
  • Contains the correct levels of preformed A, D3 and E
  • High in Calcium and Magnesium for strong bones
  • Highly Bioavailable
  • Ultra-fine for easy assimilation, storage and use.
  • Can be used with HO-T5 UV-B lighting systems
  • Contains Bee Pollen.


Store in a cool dry place with the pot securely sealed. Do not refrigerate.

Not intended for human consumption, for Reptile/animal use only.

Made in the UK.

‘For Animal use only’ ‘store in a cool dry place-do not refrigerate’

 Ingredients; Calcium Carbonate, Mineral Clay, Amino acid complex (Vegetable), Magnesium Carbonate, Multi Vitamin Premix, Carrot Powder, Algal Carotenoid (full-spectrum), Vitamin B Premix, Bee Pollen

B vitamin complex; Vitamin B1 8mg/kg, Vitamin B2 12.8mg/kg, Vitamin B6 16mg/kg, Vitamin B12 40mcg/kg, Vitamin K 4.8mg/kg, Nicotinic 64mg/kg, Pantothenic 32mg/kg, Folic Acid 4mg/kg. Biotin 800mcg/kg


Mineral Clay; SiO2 57.74%, Al2O3 18.23%, Fe2O3 3.09%, CaO 1.93%, MgO 4.19%, K2O 3.03%, Na2O 1.72%, P2O3 0.13%TiO2 0.39%, Mn3O4 0.08%, V2O5 <0.05%, Cr2O3 <0.05%