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Panda Corydora

Panda Corydora

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The Panda Corydora (Corydoras panda), also known as the "Panda Cory Catfish", is a small species of Corydoras known for their small white bodies and distinct black "panda-bear" markings.

Panda Corydoras are smaller than other Corydora species, typically only growing a little over an inch long. They should be kept in small groups of at least 3 members, as they are a shoaling species. A small group can be kept in a 15-gallon aquarium. These small fish have a lifespan of 5 years on average but can live to be up to 10 years old. They do best in temperatures in the low to mid 70's. Their lifespan is drastically reduced if kept in higher temperatures. 

These fish are extremely peaceful and playful. They will try to school with other bottom-feeding animals such as other catfish or loaches. They can be kept with any other peaceful community fish species. They are vulnerable to being attacked by semi-aggressive species and should be kept away from them.

These fish should be kept on very fine gravel, sand, or a soft volcanic mud substrate. They use their little barbels to sift through sand to find food; any substrate too large or hard can cause significant damage to a corydoras' barbels. 


(Image credit "The Spruce Pets")