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Ember Tetra

Ember Tetra

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The Ember Tetra (Hyphessobrycon amandae), also called the Fire Tetra, is a small, peaceful, and beautiful addition to the community or nano aquarium. This small tetra species is best characterized by their striking orange-red coloration.

These small fish are active (without being aggressive or overbearing). They only reach .8 inches in length at maximum, making them suitable to keep in smaller aquariums. We recommend a group of 6+ in a minimum aquarium size of 10 gallons. On average, Ember Tetra will live for 3 years when well-cared for.

The Ember Tetra is a tropical fish species from Brazil. They require a water temperature between 73-84 degrees Fahrenheit and will tolerate a pH range between 5.0-7.0. These fish prefer softer water, between 5-17 GH. 

In order to achieve the best colouration in this species, it is important to replicate their natural environment as best as possible. We recommend using dark coloured gravel, using driftwood to keep your tank water slightly acidic, and keeping these fish in schools of 6 or more. These fish do significantly better when living with live aquarium plants.

The Ember Tetra is not picky when it comes to food; most commercially available foods will be eaten without an issue. We recommend alternating between a variety of foods (such as flakes, pellets, and frozen foods) to maintain the best colours and health for this species.

This species is a friendly, docile community species. It can live with most other community fish that prefer the same water temperature, hardness, and pH. They are safe to keep with fully grown dwarf shrimp species and snails.