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Western Hognose Snake

Western Hognose Snake

Menagerie Reptiles & Amphibians
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Western hognoses are diurnal and prefer to be active during the daytime hours, waiting for toads, their favored prey to wander by. Western hognoses are generally docile, though some individuals can be highly defensive. They will flatten their necks (like cobras) hiss, puff up, and false strike, with their mouth closed.


Care: The western hognose snake is a species of snake in the family Colubridae. The species is endemic to North America. 

Care Requirements: Intermediate 

Temperature & Humidity: Basking surface temperature: 90-95°F. Cool zone temperature: 70-75°F.%

Diet: Rodents

Adult cage size: 10 gallons for males - 20 gallons for females

Lifespan: 20+ years