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FUZZU All Ears Barkus Dog Toy

FUZZU All Ears Barkus Dog Toy

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Your fetching squeaker
Invites me to chase
Those flappy ears…
Can I lick your face?
  •  A FETCHING GIFT: This pup is fully loaded with a robust squeaker and tons of crackly-crunch for hours of rollicking play!
  • NON-STOP FUN: Barkus sports long, flappy, unstuffed ears for easy grabbing and a fetching squeaker that teases your pup to chase.
  • TOUGH BUT FRIENDLY: This rugged little toy is constructed with rough ‘n’ tough polyester twill, and bound by strapping-strong trim for extra durability. 
  • NON-TOXIC: Safety is super important when it comes to choosing a toy for your dog. Crafted from premium quality, durable non-toxic materials and stuffed with fiberfill.

Introducing All Ears dog toys-

All Ears dog toys have long, unstuffed ears...grabbable even by dogs with small mouths.  Lined with Crackly Crunch to entice your dog to shake, tug and flip, their stuffed bodies have a squeaker and are bound by strapping strong trim for extra durability.

And the story begins like this-

They were members of a secret club...Bob’s Barnyard Detective & Protective Society. Pignatius, Barkus and Hopper took it upon themselves to report any unusual activity on the sleepy old farm.  Using secret codes, signals and a complex communication system of tin cans and string, they kept in constant contact.  Although their ears were big and flappy, it could be challenging to hear exactly what was hollered into the cans.  Hopper yelled, “Fox in the chicken house!” Pignatius heard, “ Ox on the kitchen couch!”  And Barkus clearly heard, “Socks on the twitchin’ cows!!!!” Chaos followed. Our story continues on the packaging.