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Eastern Collared Lizard

Eastern Collared Lizard

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The collared lizard is a small lizard from the southern states of the USA. They are know primarily for their pair of dark bands or collars. The females are normally a grey green colour while the males can be bright green, olive, blue and yellow. Both males and females of the species have quite large heads and pale bellies.

This lizards is particularly quick and can rear up on its hind legs to sprint away. They have been known to reach speeds of 15 mph when threatened.

The natural collared lizard habitat most consists of limestone rocks or other rocky outcrops. They normally thrive in areas with numerous cracks and holes in which they can hunt and hide.


Care Requirements: Intermediete

Temperament: Relatively Docile

Habitat: Arid

Temperature : 95F(hotspot) no lower than 75F(ambient)

Humidity : 30-50%

Diet: Live Insects

Adult cage size: 40 gallons+

Lifespan: 10 years