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A sub-adult Leopard Danio.
A sub-adult Leopard Danio with a split dorsal fin.
A sub-adult Leopard Danio.

Leopard Danio

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Tank Level:


Minimum Tank Size:

10 Gallons





General water hardness:

5-12 dGH


64 - 75 F                 


Community/Semi-Aggressive Community


The Leopard Danio (Danio rerio) is a species of long-bodied slender danio. These fish have light bodies with dark spots all over their bodies and fins.

These fish are extremely popular for their extremely energetic disposition and bold markings. These are shoaling fish and should be kept in a minimum group of 3. Due to their energetic nature, a small shoal should have at least 10 gallons of space. They reach approximately 2 inches in length when full grown, and live for approx. 5 years. These fish are hardy and generally extremely easy to keep. They generally do not require a heater, as they are comfortable in temperatures in the low-60's to mid-70's.

These fish are generally considered peaceful and can be kept with most peaceful community fish such as small tetra species and platys. They can also be kept with some semi-aggressive species, such as larger tetra and barb species. These fish are prone to fin-nipping, so it's best to keep them away from guppies, bettas, and angelfish.

While they are not particularly aggressive, danios are extremely energetic. This may be stressful to some community fish, such as rummynose tetra. Danios are top-dwelling fish, and generally should not be kept with other top-dwelling species. These fish are prone to jumping when excited or scared, so make sure your aquarium has a well-fitting cover.