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Photo credit - Dreamstime Stock Images of an Albino Tiger Barb

Albino Tiger Barb

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Tank Level:


Minimum Tank Size:

20 Gallons




6.0 - 8.0

General water hardness:

5 - 19 dH


77 F to 82 F (25 C to 27 C)




The Albino Tiger Barb (Barbus tetrazona) is a colour mutation of the Tiger Barb. These fish feature a cream-coloured diamond-shaped body, three white vertical "tiger" stripes, red accents along their fins and tail, and red eyes.

Tiger barbs are an extremely active shoaling fish, a minimum of 3 fish should be kept to form a shoal. A small shoal can comfortably live in a 20-gallon aquarium. These barbs generally reach 2.5 inches in length from nose to tail. These fish tolerate a large temperature range, from the high-60's to high-70's.

These barbs are known to be semi-aggressive and will nip the fins of other slower-moving fish. Small shoals of 2-3 members will act particularly aggressive towards other tankmates. If kept in a larger shoal, aggression is minimized. These fish should not be kept with community fish that are easily stressed (such as rummynose tetra) or fish that are particularly slow or have long fins (such as betta fish). They live well with other fast semi-aggressive animals. 


Photo credit - Dreamstime Stock Images of an Albino Tiger Barb