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Gargoyle Gecko

Gargoyle Gecko

Menagerie Reptiles & Amphibians
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Live Reptile Sales Policy: We at Menagerie care about our animals. Before we can send a reptile or amphibian to it's forever home, we require potential owners to have an over-the-phone conversation with one of our reptile experts. It's our responsibility to ensure that customers fully understand the required care, maintenance, diet, and habitat for each individual animal. We look forward to your call. 416-972-6488

This reptile gets its common name from the cranial bumps that give the appearance of horns or ears; In fact, auriculatus is Latin for "ears" or "eared", depending on the case. Other characteristics of this gecko include a thin prehensile tail which will regenerate if it drops off, as well as small toe pads. Although these geckos have the ability to grip vines, branches, and other obstacles, most do not have the ability to climb sheer surfaces, such as glass. As small as one inch long (from snout to vent) and weighing 3 grams at hatching, it reaches an average length of 7 to 9 inches and 60 to 70 grams in weight. They are considered a small to medium size gecko.

They occur in many colors, including varying shades of greys, browns, white, yellow, orange, and red, with varying patterns of blotches and striping. They are commonly captive bred for particular traits of pattern and color, like most captive geckos.


Care Requirements: Beginner

Temperament: Docile

Habitat: Tropical

Temperature : 76-78F

Humidity : 60-80%

Diet: Powdered Crested Gecko Diet (Repashy/Pangea)

Adult cage size: 20 gallons+

Lifespan: 20+ years