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Natural Toys 4 Cats Catnip Fitness Lollipop

Natural Toys 4 Cats Catnip Fitness Lollipop

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-Fully organic ground catnip

-Chewable and edible gum

-Aromatic catnip as a natural cat stimulant

-Cat-friendly and natural silvervine stick 

-Eco-friendly parts

Does your feline mate love gnawing on stuff? Give them something to chew on with this cat chew toy. This catnip fitness lollipop is made of organic catnip, so it's safe for your furry little canine. It is held together by natural gum, and this makes this lollipop fully edible for your kitty. The catnip ball is attached to a safe wild Silver vine stick. Catnip infused toys typically rouse cat's interest and make a cat happier and more excited.

According to a study conducted on cat's response to olfactory stimulation, 80% of domestic cats responded favorably to the Silvervine. What, then, can be better than a toy that brings both silver vine and catnip together? This silver vine cat toy is a natural treat for cats. Watch your whiskered feline as it perks its ears and gets ready to pounce on this catnip lollipop. This fitness lollipop will make your kitten curious and contrary to popular belief, curiosity does NOT kill the cat. In fact, it keeps it prolongs a cat's life.

With this lollipop and your cat's natural curiosity, it will be impossible for your cat to remain still or lazy. It will get her to pounce, jump, paw, and chase this rolling item providing your darling all the physical activity and stimulation she needs to remain healthy and happy. Before you know it, this cool cat toy will have your cat enthralled.