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Zebra Loach
Zebra Loach

Zebra Loach

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Tank Level:


Minimum Tank Size:

20 Gallons


Omnivore, Scavenger


6.5 - 7.0

General water hardness:

2 - 10 dGH


73 F - 79 F


Peaceful Community

The Zebra Loach (Botia striata) is a small species of loach from west India. These energetic and entertaining bottomfeeders are characterized by their long bodies and intricate black-and-white stripe pattern.

These fish will grow up to 4" in length and can live for up to 15 years in captivity. Most loaches, including Zebra Loaches, are shoaling and must be kept in groups to remain healthy and active. A 20 Gallon aquarium is recommended for a small group of Zebra Loaches.

Another reason for this loach's popularity is their hardiness and ease of care. They require water temperatures to be in the mid-through-high 70's, and do best with a neutral water pH. It is important that these animals have access to plenty of hiding spots they can feel safe in. While sand is not necessary, it is strongly recommended.

Zebra Loaches are bottom-feeding scavengers and are not difficult to feed. Because they are omnivores, we recommend offering both algae/veggie wafer and sinking shrimp pellets in their regular diet. These fish will do best when their diet is periodically supplemented with frozen or live foods such as bloodworms or brine shrimp, or blanched vegetables such as zucchini or spinach.

Because of the generally peaceful disposition of this species, it is generally safe to keep them with most other community fish species. They may live with other loach species and corydora species, as well as different tetra, rasbora, danio, and barb species.