Green Pacman Frog
Green Pacman Frog

Green Pacman Frog

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Live Reptile Sales Policy: We at Menagerie care about our animals. Before we can send a reptile or amphibian to it's forever home, we require potential owners to have an over-the-phone conversation with one of our reptile experts. It's our responsibility to ensure that customers fully understand the required care, maintenance, diet, and habitat for each individual animal. We look forward to your call. 416-972-6488

Pac man Frogs are large voracious frogs that inhabit the forest floor of Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and surrounding countries. These interesting amphibians live a sedentary life and do not need a lot of space. These Frogs are ambush predators and will lie in wait for anything that will fit in their mouths. They are nicknamed Pac Man Frogs because of their enormous mouths and overall rounded shape.


Care Requirements: Beginner

Temperament: Docile (but shouldn't be handled often)

Habitat: Tropical

Temperature : 75-80F

Humidity : 70-80%

Diet: Mainly Insects

Adult cage size: 10-20 gallons

Lifespan: 6-10+ years