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Crested Gecko Juvenile

Crested Gecko Juvenile

Menagerie Reptiles & Amphibians
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Live Reptile Sales Policy: We at Menagerie care about our animals. Before we can send a reptile or amphibian to it's forever home, we require potential owners to have an over-the-phone conversation with one of our reptile experts. It's our responsibility to ensure that customers fully understand the required care, maintenance, diet, and habitat for each individual animal. We look forward to your call. 416-972-6488

Crested geckos were once thought to be extinct, but were "rediscovered" around 1994. Since then, their popularity as pets has continually increased. They are a low-maintenance pet, well-suited for children or novice lizard owners who have little time to devote to their daily care. One of their distinctive features is their eyelashes, which is why they are sometimes called eyelash geckos. These lizards hail from New Caledonia, an island country off the coast of Australia.


Care Requirements: Beginner

Temperament: Docile

Habitat: Tropical

Temperature : 76-78F

Humidity : 60-80%

Diet: Powdered Crested Gecko Diet (Repashy/Pangea)

Adult cage size: 20 gallons+

Lifespan: 20+ years