Adult Woma Python

Adult Woma Python

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The woma python (Aspidites ramsayi), also known commonly as Ramsay's python, the sand python, and simply the woma, is a species of snake in the family Pythonidae. The species is endemic to Australia. Once common throughout Western Australia, it has become critically endangered in some regions.

Adults of A. ramsayi typically are around 1.5 m (4.5 feet) in total length (including tail). The head is narrow, and the eyes are small. The body is broad and flattish in profile, while the tail tapers to a thin point.



Care Requirements: Intermediate 

Temperament: Moderate

Habitat: Grassland/Desert

Temperature : 75(ambient) 90F (hotspot)

Humidity : low

Diet: Rodents/Birds

Adult cage size: 40 gallons+

Lifespan: 20+ years