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Natural Toys 4 Cats Silver Vine Pheasant Feathers Teaser 25cm

Natural Toys 4 Cats Silver Vine Pheasant Feathers Teaser 25cm

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This cat toy features:

-Au natural assorted feathers (including a beautiful pheasant feather)

-Organic silver vine sticks

-Chewable silver vine lumber

-Environmentally friendly components

Ever noticed your feline mate staring longingly out the window at chirping birds even when he’s well-fed? It’s not food your cat wants, it’s just that hunting is a very valuable source of exercise for your cat. For indoor cats, it is important to get a few minutes of physical activity every day because it keeps them fit and healthy. That is why we have that special time of the day called ‘playtime' where we engage with our lovely cat mate wholeheartedly.

And if you are looking for ways to make your playtime more special, you've landed in the right spot. We make cat toys that are fully natural and safe for your feline darlings. This particular piece consists of sturdy silver vine sticks. Silvervine is a special plant that gives your cat a burst of energy by stimulating his senses. According to research, eighty percent of cats respond to the silver vine. So, if you are looking for ways to excite your otherwise lazy cat, this silver vine cat toy will be a perfect choice.

On top of the silver vine, the stick is a piece of silver vine lumber with all-natural plumage. We have handpicked pheasant feathers to make this bird hunt toy even more realistic for your cat. Wave the stick in front of your cat, and he will get teased into leaping up to catch the feathery top between his paws. The inclusion of a silvervine stick makes this piece a natural treat for cats. Grab one of these silver vine Pheasant feather teaser toys right now to make playtime special!