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Aqueon LED Starter Kit 10 Gallon
Aqueon LED Starter Kit 10 Gallon

Aqueon LED Starter Kit 10 Gallon

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Aqueon LED Aquarium Kits are all-you-need boxed aquarium kits containing everything required to create a clean, complete habitat. The hood of the aquarium is outfitted with energy saving LED lights as well as cool white modules for complete illumination of your fish. Great for fish lovers, these lights make sure all your carefully cared for pets's beautiful colors are visible to all potential admirers without bothering your aquatic friends. This kit also features a convenient feeding door in the front of the aquarium tank, breakout sections in the back for popular accessories, and all the high-quality components you need to maintain a healthy ecosystem, including:

  • Glass Aquarium
  • Low Profile LED Hood
  • QuietFlow Power Filter
  • Filter Cartridge
  • Submersible Preset Heater
  • Premium Fish Food Sample
  • Water Conditioner Sample
  • Fish Net
  • Thermometer
  • Set-up Guide