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Aqueon LED Shrimp Aquarium Kit - 8.75 gal

Aqueon LED Shrimp Aquarium Kit - 8.75 gal

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Aqueon Designer 8.75G LED Shrimp Aquarium Kit presents a unique viewing perspective into the aquarium. This glass aquarium features an angle top pane of glass allowing for unobstructed top down view into the aquarium. The clear plastic lid completes the modern, contemporary look. For lush freshwater plant growth, a clip-on light with 60 bright LEDs stimulate plant growth; along with 10 pounds of substrate. The filtration is essential; the Aqueon QuietFlow® Internal Shrimp Filter includes medium carbon cartridge and has a unique removable protective pre-filter sponge, which prevents shrimp from entering the filter housing. This kit includes the essentials to get you started.


-8.75G Glass Aquarium with Clear Lid (Dimensions: 18.25" x 12" x 13")
-Plant Aquarium Clip-On LED Lighting
-QuietFlow 20 Shrimp Filter preloaded with Replaceable Medium Carbon Cartridge
-10 pounds of Plant and Shrimp Substrate
-Water Conditioner Sachet
-Aquarium Setup Guide

This kit does not include a heater, which is required for any tropical shrimp or fish species. While this kit does include a water conditioner sample, it is heavily recommended to purchase a bacterial supplement (such as API Stress Zyme or Seachem Stability) when starting up any new aquarium. Does not include food.