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6 Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe During The Holidays

While the holidays are often a fun, joyful for us humans, they can cause a lot of stress for our furry & scaly companions. We've put together some tips & considerations to ensure your holidays are just as fun for your pet family, too. 

1. Decorate with your pet in mind: Many holiday decorations, while beautiful, pose a number of risks to dogs, cats, and small animals. Check to make sure there are no live plants, electrical cords, ribbons, tinsel, small ornament, open flames, or other holiday hazards that your pet pals might be able to get into. 

2. Stick to a schedule: Pets like a solid routine, and interruptions can cause them anxiety. Try to keep to your pet's eating and exercise schedules as much as possible. Likewise, make sure your animal habitats and fish tanks are being regularly cleaned and maintained to keep your animals from becoming stressed. 

3. Pet behaviour around guests: Many of us will likely have a few extra people around the house over the holidays. It's important to make sure that all guests understand your pet rules to avoid any safety risks. Extra company can also cause anxiety, fear, or attention-seeking behaviour in your pets, so it's ideal to create a "safe space" for your animal to retreat to or take a time out. 

4. Be mindful of your meals: Some pets love trying to get in on holiday meals, so be mindful not to leave your food unattended! Be especially careful not to leave out any foods which can cause choking, intestinal blockage, or cause your animal to become sick: cooked bones, fried foods, chocolates, and alcohols should all be stored safely away from your pets. 

5. Keep your pets stimulated: The holiday season is often busy and hectic, so it's helpful to provide your pets with some ways to keep them stimulated and occupied during all the running around. Enrichment toys, puzzle toys, durable chew toys, treat-hiding toys, and automated toys are just some ways to entertain your pet with minimal supervision needed!

6. Plan ahead: Holiday store closures and delivery blackouts can make it difficult to get that last-minute bag of food or litter. Make sure you have all the essentials your pets will need ahead of time!